Walthew House

Walthew House

Walthew House is an independent charity providing services to people who are Deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired or have both sight and hearing loss.

The charity operates a help desk that provides information on local and national services and this is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm. In addition, staff can assist with making phone calls, filling in forms and other support. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays there are staff available who have good signing skills. Affordable rooms for training, meetings and conferences are also for hire in the building.

Available services

  • A resource centre that stocks apparatus for people with a sensory loss and is staffed by trained volunteers who can give more details and show how the equipment works. It is open by appointment only from 10am to 2.30pm daily;
  • On weekdays there are several classes and activities, including Braille, craft, dance, dance and hand bell ringing. There are also groups – from a luncheon club to a computer club – that meet regularly;
  • Volunteers also run a number of social activities. While these are generally for those with a visual impairment, a recruitment drive is on for volunteers who can use BSL to help;
  • On Thursday mornings from 10am and Friday evenings from 7.30pm social groups for deaf people are held. Additionally, on alternate Wednesdays there is a group for those who have a hearing impairment, which runs from 1-3pm;
  • BSL-trained volunteers;
  • Every Friday from 6pm-7.30pm there is a group for young people with a sensory loss. This also hosts sessions run by the Education Service for the Sensory Impaired;
  • People with a visual impairment and their families who want advice can talk to a Rehabilitation Officer from Stockport Council's Sensory Loss Team, who holds a frequent surgery there;
  • On most Thursdays, Stockport Council's Social Worker with Deaf People attends;
  • From 10am to 12 noon on the first Tuesday of every month there is a drop-in clinic for people who use hearing aids.

Accessible information

  • Walthew House produces a newsletter in Braille, large print, audio tape and CD. Additionally, the charity offers a DVD of an edited and BSL-signed version of the newsletter;
  • There are Braille and audio transcription services on hand;
  • The Stockport Express newspaper, along with other forms of information, are recorded every week by the Stockport Talking Newspaper Association and given away free on CD or memory stick. The Association’s recording studio can also be booked by other groups;
  • Walthew House is an agent for the British Wireless for the Blind Fund, which seeks to give radio and audio sets to everybody who is registered blind or partially sighted who needs one.

Get in touch

Walthew House
Address: 112 Shaw Heath, Stockport SK2 6QS
Phone: 0161 480 2612
Fax: 0161 480 2612
Web: www.walthewhouse.org.uk
Email: admin@walthewhouse.ntlbusiness.com