Taking medication

Someone labelling a medicine bottle

Taking medication

It can be difficult to remember to take the medication prescribed for you, particularly if you have a number of different types to take at varying doses. It can be detrimental to your health, or even be dangerous if you forget to take or take the incorrect amount. There are things you can do to help you to organise your medicine and take it safely.

Pill organisers

You can buy medication organisers with compartments for each day of the week. Some come equipped with a timer, and you can also buy automatic pill dispensers. They are available from a range of suppliers, you can search online to find out where to buy them.

Telecare reminders

Telecare equipment can be set up to send alerts when it is time to take medication.

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Help from care workers

If you receive a care package that includes visits to your home each day, the care workers can make sure you take the correct medication at the appropriate times and record this in your notes. They may be able to help if you need to collect repeat prescriptions from your GP or pharmacy.

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Help from your pharmacy

Your local pharmacy can help you with the type of medication you should be taking and may be able to transfer your prescription into a dosette box. This is then marked up with the correct days and times of when you should be taking your medication. Keeping a diary or wall planner is also another good way or helping you to remember. You can then tick off each dose after you’ve taken it.
Contact your GP, District Nurse or local pharmacy for advice if you still require support taking medication, applying creams, drops or lotions.

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Telling people about your medication in an emergency - Message in a bottle

The Message in a Bottle Scheme is a simple way to keep information about your medication easy to find in your home for the emergency services. The bottle with the information in is kept in your fridge and you display a Message in a Bottle sticker in a prominent place so they can find it.

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