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Care and Support Planning and Personal Budgets

What is a care and support plan?

You should be in control of your care, and have the support you need to improve your wellbeing and connections to family, friends and community. A vital part of this process is the care and support plan, or support plan for carers.

The care and support planning process can help you to think about and decide how your needs will be met, and also how your aspirations and things that are important to you can be fulfilled. Your care and support plan will show how the support you have chosen will meet your agreed outcomes. When your final Personal Budget has been agreed, you can arrange the support to meet your goals and outcomes.

You will receive as much, or as little, help as you need to choose the support you want to meet your agreed outcomes. We will give you information about the different services and support that are available locally that you can choose, including free and low cost services from local independent, voluntary and community organisations.

Our Choosing and Purchasing Team can also help you to choose the services, support or activities you need to help you to maintain your daily living and to help you to live as independently as possible.

They can also help you to purchase these, or arrange to have these provided for you, if that is what you want. Many different organisations now advertise their services, support and activities on Stockport Council’s adult social care online marketplace so you can look online for the support you need to help you live your life your way.

Go to the online marketplace of services

What is a Personal Budget?

A Personal Budget is the amount of money that is allocated to you by Adult Social Care to pay for care and support to meet your assessed needs.

How do we decide how much the Personal Budget will be?

If you are eligible for support, we use the information you gave us during your assessment to work out an 'indicative personal budget'. This is an approximate amount that we think might be needed to meet your care and support needs. The exact amount will not be agreed until later. You will be told what your indicative personal budget is so you can begin to plan your support.

The final amount that you actually receive will depend on what is agreed in your care and support plan, so it may be different from the indicative budget.

You can use our online Personal Budget calculator to find out what your indicative (approximate) personal budget may be, based on your level of need.

Try the Personal Budget calculator

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