Support for children and young people

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If you have a child or young person with special educational needs or disabilities then there are a number of ways that you can be supported.

0-25 SEND Local Offer

Stockport Council's ‘Local Offer’ outlines the support and services you and your child with special educational needs and/or disabilities may be able to access. It includes information about education, social care and health services, as well as services provided by voluntary and community groups.

To visit the website and to view all services that support children and young people aged 0-25 please follow the link below.

Stockport Family Information Hub

Planning for adulthood

When a young person becomes 18 years old Adult Social Care services takes over the responsibility for providing their social care. Before that date, Children’s Services provide or arrange support.

The Care Act 2014 introduced a new duty on local authorities to carry out Child’s Needs Assessments (CNA) for young people who are likely to have needs for care and support after they reach 18.
The CNA will provide young people and their families with information and advice so that they know what to expect in the future, and can make informed decisions as they prepare for adulthood. The CNA will determine what adult social care a young person might be eligible for once they reach 18.
Young people or their parents can request a CNA at any time before the young person’s 18th birthday, whether or not they have an EHC plan.

On transferring to Adult Social Care, the services the young person receives may change. However The Act also requires local authorities to continue children's services until an adult needs or carer's assessment has taken place, and a decision has been reached about the young person's care and support. This ensures that there is no gap in provision of care and support when people move from children's to adult social care.

For more information about transitions, especially for young people in school Year 9 or above, visit Stockport Family Information Hub. Parents or carers of children in earlier school years may also want to visit the site as they start to think more about the options available to their child has as they get older.

Visit Stockport Family Information Hub - 14-25 years: Preparing for adulthood

Accessing Adult Social Care services

If a young person is eligible for Adult Social Care, then an assessment of their needs will be done to determine the level of support needed.

More information about Adult Social Care assessments

Get in touch

If you are under 18

If you already receive support from Stockport Family you should contact your worker. But if you don’t then in the first instance please contact your child’s school or college.

If you are over 18

Contact the Adult Social Care Team for all referrals and enquiries. We'll talk with you about your needs over the phone. We will then make sure we have all the up-to-date facts regarding your requirements. After this we will visit you to talk about your personal and practical needs and to discuss the help that is available.

Contact Adult Social Care