How do I get some help?

There are a number of ways you can find and arrange some support:

Contact local voluntary organisations

There is lots of support available from local voluntary organisations if you need a little help to live your life as independently as you would like to. This ranges from information and advice, practical support around the home, support to join in with groups or start volunteering, to door to door transport. Some support will be free, some may charge a small fee.

The Prevention Alliance (TPA) is a free local service that can help you to think through what things you need to increase your independence, advise you on local support and activities and help arrange them.

Find out more about free support from local organisations

Arrange your support privately

You can contact local companies and organisations yourself to arrange some help. Our directory of local services has information about a range of care agencies and other organisations that offer services in Stockport and how much they cost. Most of these provide different types of support and you can choose which bits you need.

Find care agencies and services in Stockport

Get support from Adult Social Care

Stockport Council’s Adult Social Care can talk to you about your needs, work out what support you are entitled to receive and help you to arrange it. This support could be on a short term or a more permanent basis.

Find out more by visiting our ‘Getting support from Adult Social Care page.