Help to stay living in your own home

What sort of help is available?

There is a range of support available to help you to stay living in your own home. This support is all about helping you to stay as healthy and well as possible, to be more independent, and able to do the things you enjoy.

Age UK produce a range of factsheets with advice and information on living independently and lots of other useful topics. Visit Age UK's website

These are the main types of support available:

Practical help:

There are many local services that can help with day to day living; including practical tasks around the home like meal preparation or delivery, cleaning and laundry, shopping and errands, home repairs and gardening. There is also help available to transport and/or accompany you to appointments and engagements.

Personal care:

There are also services to help you look after yourself (‘personal care’), such as help with bathing and dressing, getting ready for bed or out of bed in the morning, and taking medication.


Equipment is available to help you do things more easily and safely around your home. ‘Telecare’ is a type of equipment that can check on someone and send alerts if something is wrong. It is also possible to have your home adapted, such as having a stair lift installed or ramps built.

Independent living:

If you want to increase your independence – for instance set up a new home, find a job, try volunteering or learn things like cooking, budgeting and paying bills – there are also services available to help with this.

Short term support:

There are also short term services that can help you regain your independence and confidence, for instance after an illness or a stay in hospital. This support might happen in your own home or could involve a temporary stay in a residential or nursing home.

Some help like this for a short time might be all that you need, but if you feel that you need some continuing support we can help you find longer term solutions.

Wellbeing, social and community:

It is equally important that you are able to do the things you enjoy, whether it’s attending a local social group, event or class, attending a religious service, doing some volunteering, going out shopping, meeting friends.

There is help available to find out about local activities and groups, and support with attending or getting there if you need it.

You can also find out about activities and events in your local area by looking on local websites.

Independent Age have produced a factsheet for older people full of tips and advice called 'How to stay socially connected'. View the factsheet

See where you can find out about local activities, groups and places to visit in Stockport.

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