Telecare - Monitoring and alerting equipment

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There is a range of equipment available that can monitor someone to make sure they are safe and can alert someone if there is an accident or something wrong.

There are two different types of telecare equipment that can help older and vulnerable people to live safely in their own home and ensure that they get help quickly in an emergency:

  • Standalone equipment – this type of equipment is designed to support a carer or family member looking after someone in the same house. It is fitted around the house. Examples are pressure mats, bed sensors and door sensors. This type of equipment does not alert a control centre, but it can be useful for people who have been diagnosed with dementia and who are being cared for at home.
  • Monitored equipment – this type of equipment sends an alert to a local control centre when the alarm is activated. This type of equipment is designed to support someone that lives by themselves. Examples are pendant alarms, bed sensors, flood and heat sensors. These are linked to the home phone line so that when an alert is sent the staff at the control centre can speak to the person. The staff are on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can take action to get some help - This could be contacting a family member or neighbour, a local mobile warden or if necessary the emergency services.

Who can have telecare equipment?

Standalone and monitored telecare equipment are available to anyone aged 18 years old or over, with a physical or learning disability, illness, sight or hearing loss. Stockport Council Adult Social Care can carry out an assessment of your needs and then help you to decide on the type of equipment that will best suit you.

Find out more information about social care assessments

Will I have to pay?

Standalone telecare equipment is free for people who have had an assessment and are identified as needing it.

The monitored equipment is free if you are eligible for support from Adult Social Care, but there is a small charge related to the monitoring and response via staff at the control centre. This is an assessed charge and the amount of money you have to pay will depend on your financial situation.

There is a six-week free trial to help you try out the service; after that you will have to pay up to £2.96 per week. There are also your usual costs for phone line rental and for the costs of any calls or alerts you make.

I’m interested in a monitored telecare service but I'm not eligible for support from Adult Social Care – can I get it?

You may be able to buy a telecare service privately if you do not qualify for help from Adult Social Care. Click on the link below to find details of organisations that offer this service, and other services that will help you to live an independent life.

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Get in touch

The first point of contact for all referrals and general enquiries is the Adult Social Care Team. After you get in touch we will call you to discuss your circumstances, verify all the facts and visit you at home to talk about the equipment available to help you.

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