Short term support from Adult Social Care

There are two short term support services provided by Adult Social Care that you may be offered - the therapy-based Active Recovery Service and the Reablement and Community Home Support service.

Active Recovery Service

What is the Active Recovery service?

Active Recovery is a service for people who need short-term rehabilitation, often after a stay in hospital, or an illness, and are medically stable enough to return to their home. It can also reduce future admissions to hospital, or to long-term residential care and can support early discharge from hospital. It can also apply when a person's main carer has suffered recent health problems.

The support from Active Recovery generally lasts for a short time, but long enough for you to start to live independently in your home again. Active Recovery provides occupational and physiotherapy services, along with access to social workers and community nurses. These services could be provided at home, in a hospital or in a residential home.

Who is eligible to receive the service?

Active Recovery is for people over 18 years old and who require support to regain their independence. A health and social care professional will do an assessment to estimate how much help is required to make life easier when you start to live at home again.

Following the assessment, we will agree the outcomes you want to achieve, and talk through the type of help and support you will receive to help you achieve them. If you might need help over a longer term, we will also talk this through with you.

What is an assessment?

An assessment is simply a discussion with you (and any family members or carers that you want to involve), about your wellbeing and the care and support needs that you have. Together we will consider how any of your needs could be reduced or prevented from worsening.

We will also help you to complete a wellbeing plan, which is designed to guide you through thinking about the things you want to do to improve your wellbeing, and how to achieve them.

How much does the Active Recovery service cost?

Active Recovery is free and usually lasts between one to two weeks, but may be longer depending on your circumstances.

How do I access the service?

If you are in hospital - A health & social care professional will visit you to arrange the assessment.

If you are at home - Please speak to your social worker if you already have one. If you don’t have one already, contact the Adult Social Care Team.

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