Equipment and adaptations

What equipment is available?Equipment to help you

There are lots of types of equipment available to help you live more safely and independently in your own home. Examples of equipment that could help are:

  • Grab handles on the bath to help you get in and out of the bath;
  • A raised toilet seat so you can use the toilet safely;
  • A bed leaver to help you get in and out of bed;
  • A device to amplify the sound of the phone, doorbell or TV;
  • A wheeled trolley to help you to carry items around the house;
  • Chair raisers to help you get out of your chair;
  • Specialist equipment if you have sight loss;
  • A perching stool, to be supported when doing household tasks like cooking and ironing;
  • Cutlery with 'easy to hold' handles;
  • A height adjustable kitchen trolley if you have difficulty carrying items around the kitchen.

Adaptations to your home

There are also changes that can be made to your home to help make it easier for you to get around, for instance:

  • Fitting a stair lift;
  • Installing a bed hoist;
  • Installing a level access shower;
  • Replacing steps in and out of your home with ramps.

Who is eligible for help?

If you are 18 years old or over, and have a disability, illness or injury, or sight or hearing loss, we may be able to help you.

How can I get equipment?

If you wish to enquire about some equipment for yourself or someone else, please fill in our online form to contact the Equipment and Adaptations service. We will then arrange for a member of staff from our Equipment and Adaptations Service to contact you to arrange an assessment.

We will arrange your assessment more quickly if your situation is urgent. Often people returning home after hospital and those who may be at risk are given highest priority.

Please follow the link below to send an enquiry to the Equipment and Adaptations service.

Contact the Equipment and Adaptations Service

How will my needs be assessed?

During the assessment we will ask you to tell us and demonstrate how you manage daily living activities. Your assessment will usually take place in your home but we can also do this by telephone.

What services will I receive?

After the assessment, you may receive:

  • Information and advice about managing your disability and about other services;
  • Provision of simple items of equipment;
  • Recommendation for major adaptations such as a stair lift. or specialist equipment such as hoists and shower chairs;
  • A visit from our Handyperson Service who can fit minor adaptations, such as rails and help with minor repairs;
  • Provision of specialist equipment for hearing or sight loss;
  • Information, advice and training from our Rehabilitation Officers for visual impairment.

Will I have to pay for equipment or home adaptations?

Basic items of equipment will be funded by Stockport Council. For some of these items a prescription will be provided which can be exchanged at one of the local specialist retailers. If you want to upgrade to a different model, e.g. with additional features or a different colour, you will have to pay the difference in price.

Minor adaptations are installed free of charge. The cost of major adaptations will depend on the type of adaptations, and also whether you live in rented accommodation or if you own your home. The amount of money you pay towards the cost will also depend on your income and any savings you have. You may be able to get a grant (Disabled Facilities Grant) to help cover the costs. We will apply for the grant for you, but we will need to ask you to provide details of your finances.

If you prefer to buy the equipment you need yourself then you will find details of shops that sell assistive equipment on out our online marketplace, along with other services to help you live independently.

Online marketplace

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For any other enquiries you can contact the Adult Social Care Team. Please follow the link below for contact details.

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