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Residential care for older people

What is the right choice for you?

Moving into a care home is a major change to your lifestyle.

Most people want to remain living in a home of their own, either their current one or an alternative more suited to their changing needs. There is lots of information about the types of support available to help you keep living the life you want in your own home.

Find out more about help to stay living in your own home

Most older people do not require permanent care in a care home, so it may be that your needs could be met in other ways that would be less disruptive and may be less expensive for you.

For example, you may be able to have your home adapted with things like handrails or stairlifts to make it easier to move around, or have a daily package of care and support to help you do the things you can’t manage by yourself.

You may also want to consider if moving to a different property would help you manage better; for instance moving in with or nearer to family members, moving into a smaller house, a flat or a bungalow.

You could also consider moving into sheltered or extra care housing; these are self-contained flats that enable you to maintain some independence whilst receiving the level of support you want.

Before making any final decision about moving into a care home, it is important to think carefully about whether it is the right option for you and the best way of meeting your needs. Adult Social Care can help you think through what your needs are and advise on how they could best be met.

Find out more about receiving advice from Adult Social Care

Stockport Homes offer a free service providing advice, information and practical help with care issues for older people living in Stockport. To find out more about the Housing and Care Options for Older People (HOOP) service, download the leaflet, or contact your local advisor Viv Blow on vivienne.blow@stockporthomes.org or 0161 217 6016.

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