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Steady in Stockport - falls and fracture prevention and bone health improvement

Stay steady and independent

Take positive steps to prevent slips, trips, falls and fractures.

Ageing affects balance, muscle strength and bone health but this is not as people often think an inevitable part of getting older. Most falls and fractures can be prevented with some simple changes in your life and home and by doing so it will help you to stay healthy and well.

There are various simple things you can do to stay steady on your feet, keep your bones healthy and contribute to your quality of life. Maintaining strength and balance are especially important to help you carry on doing the things you enjoy and to stay independent.

Our ‘Steady in Stockport’ falls and fracture prevention and bone health program will support you to take steps to reduce your risk of falling and to keep your bones strong. 

In this section you can find information about the various causes of falls and how to prevent them.

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Slippers, Shoes, footcare and clothing

Look after your feet, and report any foot problems. Wear well-fitted footwear and clothes to avoid tripping over. 

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Tablets and Toilet

Report side effects from medication that might cause you to fall. Prevent having to rush to the toilet.

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Eyes and Ears

Book in for regular sight tests (free when you are over 60). Report ear pain or hearing difficulties to your GP.

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Active: strength and balance

Take part in exercise and activities that challenge and improve your balance and strengthen your legs. 

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Drinking and Diet

Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Make sure you drink enough fluids and reduce the amount of alcohol you drink. 

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You and Your home

Take action to improve your confidence and reduce your fear of falling. Make your home well-lit and hazard-free. 


Steady in Stockport Falls Prevention and Bone Health Service

Osteoporosis education sessions and peer support group

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"After two months I could already feel the difference the exercise class has made to me. I feel much stronger and confident now."

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Find out about the Steady in Stockport service and how it can help you.

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