Social activities, groups and places to visit

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Find local leisure and sport facilities

Find local social activities and groups

Day services
Visit the My Care My Choice directory of services to find Day Services and social activities for adults with disabilities

Local activities
You can search for a range activities and events on the Council website 'what's on page' and see what community groups are in your area

Stockport Wellbeing Centre
Stockport Wellbeing Centre hosts a regular calendar of groups, activities and advice services. For more information, visit their website

Local dementia groups
You can find a list of social activities and drop ins for people with dementia and those that care for them, here

Tea parties run by Contact the Elderly
Contact the Elderly is a national charity solely dedicated to tackling loneliness and social isolation among older people.

They hold free monthly tea parties for small groups of people aged 75 and over, who live alone and need a hand getting out and about. Volunteer drivers will take you to and from the party safely. At the volunteer host’s home you will receive a warm welcome and plenty of tea and sandwiches.

For more information about tea parties in Stockport call Freephone 0800 716 543 or visit

Timebanks are a way to meet people in your local area, where people offer to share a little of their time or skills to help someone else.
There is one timebank in Stockport, 1GoodTurn, for residents of Marple
Visit the 1GoodTurn Marple Facebook page

Help to find groups and activities
Stockport Wellbeing and Independence Network (WIN) supports people to take part in a wide variety of social, civic, leisure, learning, work or volunteering opportunities, where they would otherwise find it very difficult to get involved because of physical or emotional ill-health, a physical or sensory disability, or caring responsibilities.

Contact them on 0161 474 5946.

Find volunteering opportunities
You can search for volunteering opportunities in the local area at or the Better Off website (use the job search and select 'volunteer' from the job type list and type 'Stockport' in the search area. If you want to see all volunteer roles available type * in the Search terms box)

Help to get to a group or activity
You can find out what's available by visiting our section on transport and travel.