Support with sight loss

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Support with sight loss

If you need practical help because you have a visual impairment, are 18 years old or over and live in Stockport, we can help you with:

  • Advice and information on how to manage your disability and make the most of any remaining vision
  • Specialist equipment for your home such as task lamps or liquid level indicators to help when pouring drinks
  • Advice and training about how you can use household appliances more easily
  • Mobility training from a Rehabilitation Officer (visual impairment) to enable you to use a long cane or access public transport safely
  • Advice about the use of lighting and contrast within your home
  • Advice about using technology such as mobile phones or tablet computers
  • Emotional support to help you manage your sight loss
  • Information about what service/benefits you are eligible for if you are registered sight impaired (partially sighted) or severely sight impaired (blind)

Equipment for visual impairment

There is a range of equipment on offer that can assist with everyday living and maintaining your independence. You can choose to purchase equipment privately via a local retailer – you can find a list on our marketplace.

There is also a shop and many other services provided by Walthew House, which is an independent charity in Stockport that provides practical and emotional support to people who are Blind, Visually Impaired, Deaf, Hard of Hearing or who have Dual Sensory Loss.

Alternatively, some equipment and services may be provided if you meet the eligibility criteria following an assessment from either an Equipment and Adaptations Officer or a Rehabilitation Officer.

About the assessment

Your assessment will usually take place in your home but we can also do this by telephone if the need is not complex. During the assessment we will gather information about your visual impairment and ask you to tell us or demonstrate any difficulties you may be experiencing.

Alongside support and equipment for your visual impairment your assessor may also be able to:

  • Provide equipment or adaptations to help with a physical disability
  • Refer you on to other appropriate services such as the Greater Manchester Fire Service, Physiotherapy or Carecall
  • Signpost you to other services which you may find beneficial 

Charges for equipment

We will fund some items of equipment. However if you would benefit from equipment that we do not pay for we will direct you to a retailer so you can buy it yourself.

If you are provided with equipment such as a lamp you will be responsible for purchasing and replacing the bulbs as necessary.

Request an assessment

To arrange an assessment for yourself or someone else then complete our online referral form

The information you provide will be screened and the referral will then be placed on a waiting list. The waiting list can be up to 4 months however we will arrange your assessment more quickly if your situation is urgent. People who may be at significant risk are given the highest priority.