Sexual health

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You may be in a long-term relationship or single, but either way it’s important to be careful about your sexual health.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

It’s good to remember that if you are sexually active, you are always at risk of catching an STI. This can happen to anyone. So to be safe you need to know how to prevent infection, how to be tested or treated and, importantly, how to protect yourself. All of these precautions will help you to prevent health problems for you and your sexual partners. Safe sex by using a condom can significantly reduce the risk of an STI.

If you are worried that you have an STI, you should go to your GP, or you can go to one of NHS Stockport's Contraception and Sexual Health clinics. These are confidential services offering:

  • Condoms;
  • Contraceptive pills, diaphragms, and injections;
  • Emergency contraception ('Morning after pill');
  • Cervical smear tests;
  • Pregnancy tests;
  • Sexual health advice and testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.

Contact 0161 426 5599 for details of a clinic near you and make an appointment.

You can advice on contraception from your GP or clinic, or from the FPA (Family Planning Association) who are the UK's leading sexual health charity.

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Sexual Health Line (NHS)
Phone: 0300 123 7123

FPA (Family Planning Association)
Phone: 020 7608 5265

British Association for Sexual and Relationship Therapy