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Recovery - support with moving on

Recovery is being able to live a meaningful and satisfying life, as defined by each person, in the presence or absence of symptoms. It is about having control over and input into your own life. Each individual’s recovery, like his or her experience of the mental health problems or illness, is a unique and deeply personal process.’ - Scottish Recovery Network, 2007

Mental health services in Stockport are a partnership of health and social care services working together with organisations in the voluntary sector. We know that most of the people who receive a psychiatric diagnosis will recover and lead a full life, but they may need some help to do so. For people who have more enduring and potentially serious mental health issues, several services and teams in Stockport are on hand for support:

At Stockport our emphasis is on recovery and wellbeing, which involves personalised services to improve your health and wellbeing. We do not believe that one size fits all, so the goal is to be flexible to help with your recovery. The Prevention and Personalisation Service was designed to provide its clients with an informal approach to help plan the way ahead. We listen to you and help you get the support and information you need to improve your health and wellbeing. We help you plan your support and make your own choices, seeking solutions within social, sporting, leisure, cultural and other support networks.

If you are or have been under a Consultant Psychiatrist, or you have been under a care co-ordinator and you need some support, you are welcome to drop-in on Wednesdays 1pm-3pm and Fridays 10am-12 noon to speak to someone and meet the peers at our group.
23 High Street, Stockport, SK1 1EG
Phone: 0161 480 7248
Email email@disabilitystockport.org.uk

Health and Wellbeing College
The Health and Wellbeing College offers a range of recovery-focused educational courses, aimed at supporting you to recognise your potential and make the most of your talents and resources, through self-management. This will help you to deal with any health challenges you may experience and to achieve the things you want in life. The main campus is in Oldham but they also offer some courses in Stockport http://www.mhmc.penninecare.nhs.uk/hwcollege

Recovery Academy (Greater Manchester Recovery Academy)
A range of free educational courses and resources for people with mental health and substance misuse problems, their families and carers as well as health care professionals.

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