Wellbeing and Prevention Services

Six local services for residents are commissioned by Stockport Council to provide specific support to help residents to be as independent and well as possible. The services are:

Advocacy Casework Service ☎ 0161 480 8979
An advocate is someone who supports an individual to voice their opinions or puts forward a case on someone else's behalf, such as making a complaint or to access health and care services. This means that you can receive help to communicate your needs, wishes and opinions if you have no one else to do so.

Alliance for Positive Relationships (APR) ☎ 0161 477 4271
APR is about preventing domestic abuse and looking at different methods to support families. This includes working with men, women and families who are involved in domestic abuse incidents.

Targeted Prevention Alliance (TPA) ☎ 0161 474 1042
This is a new service which will work with a wide range of people to explore and develop individual solutions and support to self-manage. This may be for any reason relating to health, wellbeing or situation, such as mental and/or physical illness, disability, older age or social circumstances including caring responsibilities.

Wellbeing and Independence Network (WIN)
This new network of services will provide practical help to adults who would otherwise find it very difficult to organise the support they need to remain independent and well. This assistance is aimed specifically at older people, people with a wide range of disabilities or poor mobility, and their carers.
This service has 3 parts:

Wellbeing and Independence at home ☎ 0161 480 1211
Focusing on support in and around someone's home environment, this service is designed to enable people to continue to enjoy living independently and safely in their home. The service will also provide short-term practical support to people with assistance such as shopping, cleaning and small jobs in the home and garden.

Independent Living and Wellbeing in the Community ☎ 0161 474 5946
This service will support people to take part in a wide variety of social, civic, leisure, learning, work or volunteering opportunities, where they would otherwise find it very difficult to get involved because of physical or emotional ill-health, a physical or sensory disability, or caring responsibilities.

Wellbeing and Independence through Community Transport ☎ 0161 476 2812
The Community Transport Service will provide journeys for adults who are unable to use public transport to places such as hairdressers and care homes, for reasons which could include visiting family, social events, rehabilitative exercise, and shopping, in order to sustain people's independence as they get older.