Pre-payment cards

Anyone who has a Personal Budget or gets a Direct Payment as part of their care package can have a pre-payment card. A pre-payment card is the same size and shape as a debit card, and works in much the same way. You do not have to set up a bank account or have a credit check to have a pre-payment card for your Direct Payment.

If you decide to have a pre-payment card the Council will transfer money from your Personal Budget onto the card for you. Using a pre-payment card ensures you don’t have to worry about writing a cheque or carrying money around with you. Once you use the pre-payment card to pay for your support services it is deducted from your balance.

You can use your card to pay for services over the phone or on the internet, which is handy for people who find it difficult to leave the house. Also, if another person helps you to manage your budget, they too can have a card, allowing them to sort care and support on your behalf. 

Prepayment cards are part of the VISA network and are accepted by most care agencies in Stockport, although before agreeing services with them you should check their payment methods.

In some cases people might be unable to accept payments from your card. In these instances you could transfer money straight into their bank account or arrange for a cash payment to be made. There is a charge for withdrawing cash and this needs to be agreed with the Choosing and Purchasing Team.

If you are intersted in receiving your Direct Payment via a pre-payment card, your Social Worker or the Choosing and Purchasing Team will be able to give you more information.

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