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Managing your Personal Budget

There are two main ways to manage your Personal Budget:

  • You can receive care direct from an agency/service (who are accredited by the Council). The Council will arrange and pay the provider directly and will complete the paperwork on your behalf. This is known as a ‘Commissioned Service’ and is suitable for people who want to have the same support every week.
  • Receiving a Direct Payment – the money is paid to you and you arrange the services you want. You can manage the Direct Payment yourself or you can nominate someone to manage it on your behalf.

    More information about Direct Payments

What can you spend your Personal Budget on?

You can spend your Personal Budget flexibly on things that meet your eligible needs and outcomes as identified during your assessment.

Below are some examples of things that you could spend your Personal Budget on:

  • Employing support workers or personal assistants (Find out more)
  • Employing family members or friends (as long as they don’t live with you)
  • Buying services from an agency or organisation, for example domiciliary care, membership of clubs, educational activities
  • Paying expenses for unpaid helpers
  • Transport expenses
  • Buying equipment, for example a computer
  • Respite, for example short breaks or holidays
  • Finding a job or volunteering

However, your Personal Budget cannot be used to purchase the following:

  • Permanent residential or nursing care
  • Anything not directly related to meeting an eligible social care need or identified outcome
  • Anything illegal
  • Anything prohibited by the Council, for example gambling, alcohol, tobacco or paying off debts
  • Anything that is met through other funding, for example medicines paid for by the NHS

To see how other people have spent their Personal Budgets, you can watch the videos of and read about some real life stories.

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