End of life care

End of life care

Our goal is to ensure people receive high quality care at the end of their lives. It is essential to treat people with respect and dignity in, wherever possible, their choice of where they are cared for.

Who is end of life care for?

This is for people who have advanced progressive illnesses. For instance, someone with cardiovascular disease, cancer, neurological conditions or other life-limiting conditions.

Our aim is to manage any pain and other symptoms as well as providing psychological, spiritual and social support to help attain the highest quality care for patients and their loved ones.

What does this care cost?

The NHS takes control of all care provision in the final days of life. There may be some specialist end of life services provided by Adult Social Care, and there is no charge for these.

Who provides this care?

Depending on the required support, end of life care can be provided by several professionals. These include GPs, nurses, social workers, care workers and therapists. In addition, a team of nurses can provide care in the person's own home. This will give carers much-needed respite from caring duties.

The following support is available:

  • Managing pain;
  • Helping a person to adjust to living with their illness;
  • Providing information to help people decide on their care and treatment;
  • Giving advice on benefits and other financial assistance;
  • Dealing with spiritual questions.

A Specialist Palliative Care Team is also available comprising a consultant, Macmillan Nurses, a social worker, pharmacist, dietician, and other staff who have had training to be specialists in palliative care.

Hospice Care is provided at St Ann's Hospice, St Ann's Road North, Heald Green, Cheadle SK8 3SZ. Phone: 0161 437 8136.

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How to make contact

Contact your GP who will have access to all the services available. Or contact the Adult Social Care Team for general enquiries.

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