Day centres and luncheon clubs

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A number of day centres and luncheon clubs operate around Stockport. These are run by the Council, independent organisations, community or voluntary groups.

What are Day Centres?

Aimed at the over 65s, day centres provide people with the chance to socialise, make friends, enjoy a hot meal and take part in games and activities. Most are open all day, and staff and volunteers provide a range of activities to keep people entertained, including bingo, board games and arts and crafts. Some organise day trips or put on guest speakers. In most cases a light snack is offered in the morning, with a hot meal available at lunchtime.

What is a Luncheon Club?

Luncheon Clubs are similar to day centres. They help to ensure members of the community have at least one hot meal a day, especially if they struggle to cook at home. They cater for a range of dietary and cultural needs. They allow people over the age of 65 to enjoy some activities and socialise, but unlike day centres are only open for a few hours a day. People going along have the chance to talk to others in similar situations and maybe make new friends.

Which should I choose?

We can discuss your needs over the phone. We might provide details of a Day Centre or Luncheon Club that best fits your needs or we may signpost you to your most local services.

Many of the these advertise on our online marketplace so follow the link below to find out what is on offer in Stockport.

Online marketplace

We also have a list of day centres and lucheon clubs in Stockport which you may find useful.

List of day centres and luncheon clubs

Is there a cost involved?

Yes but they are not run for profit. Any costs will be for expenses incurred by the centre, for example for meals, tea and coffee, and for any entertainment or activities arranged.

Do you provide transport?

Sometimes, but generally people are supported to arrange their own transport. If public transport is not an option, there are range of different ways you can travel.

Transport and travel information

Afternoon Tea Group

A special tea group is open for over 75s. Run by the charity Contact the Elderly, the Sunday afternoon tea group ensures people can get together and socialise. The service is FREE and volunteers provide a taxi service to the tea group and home again. For more information on groups in the Stockport area call 0161 434 7335.