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Continuing healthcare is a sensitive and complex issue that can concern people at a difficult time in their lives.

Who receives continuing healthcare?

This is for people who have been assessed as requiring a particular level of healthcare – in a nursing home or in their own home. The service does not depend on any specific medical condition, diagnosis or disease.

To find out if you are eligible, a GP, nurse, health worker or Social Worker will assess you. This will be based on your condition, how serious it is, the treatment needed and any unanticipated changes in it that may be problematic to deal with and could put you or others around you in danger.

But if your assessed care requirements highlight that your primary need is one of healthcare, you should be eligible for Continuing Healthcare.

What is the cost of Continuing Healthcare?

It is free.

  • At home – if you are living at home, the NHS will pay for your healthcare and personal care.
  • In a nursing home – the NHS will pay all of your fees if you move into a nursing home, which includes board and accommodation.

However, there may be a cost of any social care services provided.

What if you do not quality for NHS Continuing Healthcare?

You may be charged for part or all of your care if you are not eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare – but the NHS still provides for your medical needs. If you are already in a nursing home you may require an assessment of your finances to determine how much you should pay towards your accommodation and personal care. But the NHS funded nursing care will provide care free from a registered nurse.

More information about Continuing Healthcare

Visit the NHS website for more information about Continuing Healthcare.

How to get in touch

Eligibility for Continuing Healthcare will automatically be considered if you receive an assessment for care while in hospital or at home. If you are not sure about any of this contact the Adult Social Care Team.

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