Jobs working with children

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The safety of children is of paramount importance to Stockport Council, and we work with a number of partner agencies to ensure children remain safe from harm or abuse.
To do this we focus on supporting parents and families to bring up their children in a safe and stable environment. Extra support is available for especially vulnerable families, and we always try to work in partnership with families and other agencies for the best possible outcomes. But where child protection is a concern, we will always seek to act swiftly if a child is at risk.

Our service incorporate the following main service areas:

  • Referral and Assessment Service, including Reception and Information  

The first point of contact for many people regarding children and family services will be the Referral and Assessment Service. This includes initial screening and general enquiries.

  • Family Support Service

The Family Support Service looks after families going through care proceedings, family support and the care and wellbeing of children who are on the Child Protection Register.

  • Looked After Children Service

This service supports children in placements of care who can be described as ‘looked after’. The team ensures children are fully supported with the aim of ensuring the placement is a success.

  • Family Placement Service

Foster carers and adopters, including people who are considering becoming foster carers or adopter, receive support from the Family Placement Service.

  • Other services

Families and children can get support from specialist teams, which include:

  • Child and Adolescent Support Team/KITE Project;
  • Child Protection;
  • Youth Offending Team;
  • Children's Fund initiatives;
  • Community Outreach;
  • Family Group Meetings;
  • Family Centres;
  • Education Support Team;
  • Transitions;
  • Hospital Teams..

Why should I work for Stockport Council?

Employees of Stockport Council get:

  • 20-25 annual leave days holiday per year (depending on length of service/contract);
  • pension scheme;
  • access to training and development;
  • the benefit of working in a flexible and modern environment.

To find out more about working for Stockport Council visit our website. More information on the working environment and information regarding job vacancies will be posted there.

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Stockport Council (Vacancies)
Address: 1st Floor, Stopford House, Piccadilly, Stockport SK1 3XE
Phone: 0161 474 3456

In addition to Council jobs, you may also wish to consider working for partner organisations in the independent care sector (including voluntary organisations, charities and care providers). Details of the latest job vacancies may be available in Jobcentre Plus or via adverts placed in your local newspaper or on recruitment websites.