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About assessments

What is an assessment?

An assessment is really just a discussion with you (and any family members or carers that you want to be involved), about your wellbeing, and any care and support needs that you may have. Together we will consider your needs and whether any of them could be reduced or prevented from worsening. We will talk about the things you want to do and ways to help you achieve them.

We will also consider the needs of your family and anyone who helps care for you (or they can request a separate ‘carers’ assessment’ of their needs)
You will be fully involved in the assessment and we will explain everything to you clearly and answer any questions you may have. The assessment usually takes place in your own home (but if you have been admitted to hospital it make take place there).

Is the assessment confidential?

Yes - your privacy is paramount and anything you tell us will be treated as confidential. Nothing will be shared with anyone else without your say so, except in exceptional cases when by law we will have to disclose it to another party.

We may need to ask other professional workers, for example your GP or an Occupational Therapist, what they think but we would only do this with your permission.

How do I arrange an assessment?

You can request an assessment by contacting Adult Social Care. 

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