Access to your social care records

Personal record

Here at Stockport Council we keep records of people using social care. This page details why we keep these records, what they contain and how you can view your record if you desire.

The health, wellbeing and rights of everyone who uses social care services are our main concern. To do this successfully, we will share information with other departments and agencies to determine the most appropriate services for you.

For many people, divulging personal information can be a delicate issue. The information we hold on you may be received from many different sources, including family members or GPs. Any information that we hold on you is confidential and we aim to respect this at all times.

What data do we hold on you?

Your record will contain lots of different pieces of information on you, including your name and address and date of birth.

In some cases we might hold more detailed records. If, for example, you access more comprehensive services, we might hold more detailed personal information. This might include information on your finances, lifestyle or health and wellbeing, and about previous meetings with you.

Some records are stored on paper, others are stored digitally. Only staff who work directly on your case, either at the assessment stage or when services are provided, will have access to your files. The records will not be shared unless you give us your agreement to do so.

Depending on your personal circumstances, sometimes the records could remain on file for a significant period of time, others may be destroyed relatively quickly.

Am I able to view my record?

In most cases, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, you are allowed to view your record.

In some instances we may be unable to share the information with you. In cases such as these, you will be notified why you cannot view your record.
To find out what data we have on you, in the first instance contact Stockport Council. There is a £10 administration fee that you would have to pay before you can see your care records. You will also have to enter a Subject Access Request Form (SAR). A form can either be posted out to you, or you can click on the link below and print one out.

Subject Access Request Form (SAR)

Once I’ve submitted my form, what happens?

We will send through your record in less than 40 calendar days, provided you have supplied us with:

  • Your filled in SAR form;
  • Your £10 administration fee;
  • Proof of identification;
  • Any additional evidence that may be required or requested.

In most circumstances, your record will be sent to you by post. But you can view the record at the council offices with the assistance of a staff member.

Sometimes the council will be unable to let you have some, or all, of the records. This can be:

  • If someone else is mentioned in your record;
  • If the information contained within the record might cause you harm or distress;
  • If the record is used in crime prevention or detection.

You will be notified of the reasons why we cannot give you access to your records.

Useful contacts

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Stockport Council (Data Protection & Freedom of Information Officer)
Address: Town Hall, Edward Street, Stockport SK1 3XE
Phone: 0161 474 4047